Kevin Shima... an album-oriented singer-songwriter who would be filed under the “folk rock” or “progressive rock” category at your local record store (if your local record store still exists). His love of surprising melodies, vocal harmonies and unconventional chord patterns is reminiscent of artists such as Beck, Peter Gabriel, and John Mayer.

Raised in New Jersey and currently based in Los Angeles, Shima began his career at Indiana University in Bloomington where he recorded and released three solo albums, Age Before Beauty, ! (The Exclamation Point Album), and A Willow’s Weeping. He then co-founded the critically acclaimed band Homunculus, with whom he toured nationally at an average of 150 shows per year for nearly a decade. After the breakup of Homunculus, he moved to Athens, Ohio where he recorded the album Worried Well and formed the band Everyday Animals (formerly called Fokushima). After a few short years they relocated to Los Angeles and continued to perform and record regularly until retiring in 2018.

In 2010 Shima collaborated with Jon Anderson from the band Yes on Jon’s album Survival and Other Stories, and then on his orchestral piece “Open” in 2011. Shima co-wrote and co-produced songs for a vinyl record used on the TV show Fringe, and in 2014 he recorded a kids album about the planets called Solar System.

Kevin is currently writing and recording new songs, which will be gradually released over the next year. He is also re-mastering his album Worried Well for release in 2020, and is working on short film scores which can be heard at He performs regularly all around southern California, including a bi-weekly residency at Port Restaurant in Corona Del Mar.

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